VR factory replica Rolex green water ghost contrast genuine green ghost difference

In most times and places, a replica Rolex will always be a good product. In this case, "water ghost" is the first brand prop. How to use Rolex "water ghost" to force no mistakes? How to put the green ghost with a sigh of relief, then look at the VR factory's fake Rolex Green Water Ghost.

First of all, the same angle, the same line of sight replica watches, shooting a copy and authentic, the dial of the radiation, the texture of the bezel, the copy and the original consistent, the color of the reflective effect and the original.

We disassemble the strap, and then compare the shell shape, the original chamfer size and the case curvature, and the height of the crown protrusion is also consistent with the original.

The ring of curvature of the ring, the color of the fill, the copy and the original are exactly the same. The VR factory rolex replica Green Water Ghost is doing the same color texture as the original.

Although it is consistent with the authenticity of the details, it is also very perfect, but the configuration is still not the same as the authentic, authentic eta movement. 904 steel material. But after all fake rolex, the price and value are equal.