OM factory Blancpain classic series 6654 month phase replica watches evaluation

Born in 1735, Blancpain is the oldest fake watch brand in Swiss history and the world's first registered fake watch brand. It is the oldest in the history of Swiss fake watches. As one of the top fake watch manufacturers of complex mechanical replica watches, the main features are all independent design, research and development, manufacturing, assembly, known as the "creator of classic timepieces." As one of Blancpain's classic series, the moon phase is also a more common style nowadays, that is, it has a moon phase display function on the replica watch dial.

Regarding the replica version of the Blancpain brand, there are many low versions on the market, either four or not, or the quality control is too much, and its quality and quality are very worrying. The most well-known version of the top-up replica is the Blancpain 50-find series, and other styles are rarely re-enacted by big manufacturers. Today, this Blancpain 6554 month can be said that the strength of the OM factory is sincere rolex replica, and the authentic one-to-one model is built to achieve a high degree of uniformity in appearance, function and authenticity. The authenticity of the disassemble evaluation today is the authenticity of the OM used to open the mold. Under the numerous comparisons of the editions, the genuine one has a small oxidation phenomenon.

The OM replica version and the genuine one also choose the 40 mm diameter. The front view can be seen from his remarkable features. The case of the double bezel and the time scale of the Roman numerals and the pointer with the willow shape. The design laid the classic position of Blancpain's moon phase. And make the appearance look great! The replica version is highly restored to genuine.

Strap: The replica watches is paired with a black strap and sewn through black thread, making the entire replica watch very layered. Paired with a black suit, it is perfect. The original picture in the picture below has been worn for a long time, the belt has been bent, and the curve line, so the visual illusion of the original belt is short, please do not misunderstand, OM and the original belt length size is the same.

From the side, there is no difference in the thickness of the two replica watches. They look thicker and more suitable for those with thick wrists. And it is completely unobtrusive with the formal wear, it can be said to be an authentic dress table.