Om factory new product Blancpain villeret classic series 6654 replica watch comparison evaluation

The imitation of the table is a major breakthrough news release om new treasure Platinum villeret classic series 6654 shows the highest version of the market replica watches uk, which takes up to 20 months, overcomes difficulties and develops the self-made 6654 movement, date display, week display, month display, month The functions are all true, so the function and appearance are the same as the original version. The om accessories are made of imported materials to restore the original quality. The om ingenuity creates a round double bezel thin case case polished white bright shell round R-ear Angled beveled chamfers are consistent with the original

2: All the cnc inside the shell body is carefully carved and made. The button spring adopts the imported professional spring factory to ensure that the button strength is consistent with the original.

3: double-sided anti-reflective and wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass

4: Ingenuity, unique rhyme, porcelain disc window, three-dimensional replica panerai watches, obviously combined with carefully crafted Roman scale, each piece is carefully manufactured.

5: om clasp breaks through every dead corner and makes no trace flawless. The font cnc is made in different ways. The inner side of the buckle has the same size and thickness, and the buckle is fine and smooth.

6 movement adopts imported movement to transform 6654, the movement is accurate and 0 fault

7:40mm mm with Italian imported cowhide, the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the unique rhyme from the inside out, this table has paid a lot of effort, the authentic 1:1 manufacturing of the perfect gentleman's must-have combination The first batch of small arrivals fans pre-order as soon as possible. Om produced because of the intention, so we are different!

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