Chartered and Insured

The guarantee of 3 professional and insurance RC

Col·legi d'Advocats de BarcelonaCol·legi de Graduats Socials de BarcelonaCol·legi d'Economistes de Catalunya

We believe that professional ethics requires assuming possible mistakes. The professionals of our team are registered with the Association of Economists of Catalonia, the Barcelona Bar Association and the College of Graduate Social XX respectively and has the protection of a liability insurance.

Daya work day to improve and adapt our methods and internal control processes but even before any error, you stress protected

Labour Advising Barcelona

Labour Advising

Our Labour Deparment is made up of professional labour technicians, labour experts and lawyers. A cohesive group whose aim is to assure the best attention and to transmit the idiosyncrasy of each client or market to the whole team.

Our priority is the continuous work and to join efforts by means of weekly meetings with our client. This keeps us updated about the new legal, syndical and trade-union related changes or developments.

Our services in this area include among others:

  • Study and preparation of payrolls and social insurances.
  • Registry of workers, self-employed and companies with Social Security.
  • Processing and preparation of customized contracts with adapted clauses to the requirements of the client and the possible labour extensions.
  • Study and preparation of misconduct, sanctions or dismissal letters.
  • Study and advising about work collective conflicts, strikes or lockouts.
  • Processing of Social Security pensions.
  • Representation before an Employment Inspection or the subinspectors.
  • Collective Dismissal Procedures.
  • Representation before CEMAC (Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Centre)  and the Labour Court.
  • Appealing to official bodies.
  • Subsides application and processing.
  • Study, preparation and processing of Social Security payments deferral and dividing.
  • Collective Dismissal Procedures.

In cases of major complexity, this team works with our Consultancy Department. Feel free to ask what we can do for you.

We take your Human Resources and staff challenges as ours.